Beautyko E-Acu-Pen

Beautyko E-Acu-Pen
Beautyko E-Acu-Pen Beautyko E-Acu-Pen Beautyko E-Acu-Pen Beautyko E-Acu-Pen Beautyko E-Acu-Pen
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Amazing electronic acupuncture without the needles.

E-Acu-Pen (electronic Acupuncture pen) is a new electric Acupuncture Stimulation pen developed for easy and safe home-treatment, without piercing the skin

Based on the ancient knowledge of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in combination with modern western technique

Detects major Acupuncture points through special measurements of skin and body tissue. the correct locations for stimulation are then shown with the help of an acoustic signal;

The intensity of the stimulation can be adjusted from Min. to Max. depending on each individuals sensitivity

The duration of treatment can be set for either manual, 15 sec. or 30 sec treatment times

- Low Battery indication
- Operating voltage: 6.0V
- Power Source 2 x CR2025 button cells
- CE-approved

How It Works

Combining the ancient knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine with sophisticated electronic circuitry, the E-Acu-Plus utilizes completely painless, very low frequency stimulation, without piercing the skin. Based on the principles of acupuncture, but without the needles, this device is applied either directly to areas of discomfort or to acupoints that correspond to soreness or discomfort, great for soothing stress and relaxing before going to sleep. The E-Acu-Plus is a cinch to use, because it signals you when it locates the precise acupoint as you pass the pen over the approximate area. Then the acupuncture tip emits a safe, low intensity electrical pulse to stimulate the acupuncture point. You control the duration and intensity. Comes with a detailed instruction booklet identifying the location of every acupoint in the body. Batteries included.

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