Beautyko Electropedic Foot Massager

Beautyko Electropedic Foot Massager
Beautyko Electropedic Foot Massager
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Using the theory of reflexology to stimulate the acupuncture points under the soles of your feet, the Electropedic Foot Massager delivers invigorating, calming, and revitalizing treatment from the ground up. By sending an adjustable impulse to your reflex zones, the massager targets pressure sensitive zones in the foot to stimulate different areas in the body and enhance relaxation, revitalize your energy, and improve your circulation. Working with 10 levels of intensity, the Electropedic Massager provides the custom treatment you need to get the best possible benefits. Features include a sole massager, an infrared massage function, and an auto-off timer setting, so that you can fall asleep during your treatment. Convenience features include an easy-to-read, blue LED display, an easy-carry handle, and battery-operated or AC operated power. Don't wait for the benefits of reflexology--get them now with the Electropedic Foot Massager.

Product Features

  • 10 Preset Programs
  • Sole Massager
  • Infrared massage function
  • Auto-off timer setting
  • Easy-to-read, blue LED display
  • Easy carry handle
  • Powered by (3) C batteries or AC operated
  • Portable, travel size design

Details and Specifications

The relaxation of reflexology anytime and anywhere. Put yourself into a state of physical comfort, relaxation, reduced stress, and revitalized personal energy! Good for your sole. Electropedic Foot Massager is your passport to the ultimate relaxation and renewed vitality. Studies on foot reflexology have consistently shown profound health benefits from regular practice of reflexology. People who have reflexology treatments on a regular basis have noticed improvements in all areas of their well-being. Come home from a long day at work or in a sales meeting, and find yourself melting into your sofa with your feet in the Electropedic Foot Massager. Better yet, kick off your shoes after a rough workout at the gym, after a jog, or even after a long time standing around on your feet. Placing your feet into the Electropedic Foot Massager will pull you back into a surreal state of mind releasing your stress through a reflexology method only available in the Electropedic Foot Massager. There are 2700 nerves in the feet. This means that your feet are a virtual dashboard for your body’s physical status. If your body’s vital energy is blocked, a zone of blockade will be present in your feet. The Electropedic Foot Massager is the perfect machine to help disrupt the blockade and literally get you back on your feet with less stress and greater energy.


  • The massager,
  • 4 electrode gel pads with wire cable,
  • 2 interchangeable sole massager rollers,
  • power adapter,
  • 2 gel pad protectors,
  • user manual

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