Beautyko Electrosage Elite

Beautyko Electrosage Elite
Beautyko Electrosage Elite Beautyko Electrosage Elite Beautyko Electrosage Elite
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Eight-Pads Muscle Conditioner for Your Body


The ELECTROSAGE Elite System is the advanced technology, used by professional athletes, sports trainers
and aerobic instructors worldwide. It’s so simple! ELECTROSAGE Elite will become part of your daily routine.
Simply attach the compact battery operated unit around your waist, position the self-adhesive pads
directly on the muscles to be massaged. By following the comprehensive instruction manual you can
target parts of the body for maximum results and muscle gratification. Just sit back and relax. You’ll feel
a pleasant pulsing sensation and you can adjust the control inntensity and contraction time to make
your work-out completely comfortable. You’ll feel relaxed, refreshed, revitalized and pampered.  

Electrosage Muscle Conditioner
by Beautyko includes:
    * Electrosage control unit
    * 8 Adhesive butterfly pads
    * Belt clip
    * Lead wires
    * Compact carring case
    * Instruction manual
    * Pad placement chart

* Multiple programs - for warming up and exercising muscles; and for active recovery following exercise
    * Programs simulate a variety of massage techniques including Kneading, Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep tissue,
       Athlete and Power massage
    * Intensity levels to customize your own personal comfort level
    * For use on 7 major muscle groups
    * Self-stick adhesive butterfly pads for use on lower back, upper back, shoulders, abs, bottom, front or back
       of thighs, calf muscles, biceps or triceps
    * GelPads should last approximately 20 sessions - to prolong their life, smear a few drops of water on the back
       and wipe skin clean of any lotions, etc., before use
    * Belt clip easily attaches control unit to belt or waistband
    * 2 lead wires measure approx. 38"L each and connect butterfly pads to the control unit
    * Instruction manual - guide includes step-by-step instructions and diagrams
    * Pad placement chart - illustrates proper positioning for butterfly pads
    * * Lightweight and portable
    * Comes with a manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty

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